Jason and Nicole’s therapist/client relationship started virtually via zoom.
This has in no way impeded in their forming a great team.

In a matter of months Jason has inspired her to work very hard on accomplishing set goals.
In that short amount of time she has gained core strength and improved balance.

She is working very hard and has increased confidence

Thanks to Jason, Nicole’s therapy sessions are a challenge that Nicole looks forward to weekly

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Our daughter, Jennifer, just began virtual zoom training with Jason.  In collaboration with her Physical Therapist, Jason has reached new heights with Jennifer that was not necessarily attained in her PT sessions.  He has demonstrated how to stretch Jennifer’s abilities beyond what she thought she could do.  He has created ways to strengthen her body where needed and to work on the weakest parts that need to be strengthened. 

Jennifer has Cerebral Palsy and is non ambulatory.  With equipment Jason had us purchase (1 lb. weighted ball, 1 lb. ankle/wrist weights, stretch band, pull grip to name a few), she is increasing her muscle strength, not in just her upper body, but also in her lower extremities.

He has a vested interest in helping her to maximize her greatest potential.  Once the equipment of parallel bars arrives and her big ball, she will incorporate walking and her ability to bounce on a ball with various exercises he will structure to get her out of the wheelchair.  We are extremely happy with her progress.  It is important for someone like Jennifer to be mobile with all the right supports. 

Virtual zooming, during this pandemic and even after, is something we are looking forward to each week.  We hope to increase the virtual zooming as time permits. 

Thank you, Jason, for demonstrating a talent, kindness, patience and incredible motivation in your personal training techniques.  We are grateful. There is such ENTHUSIASM Jennifer has when she is working out with you.

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My son is 9 and struggles with ADHD, low muscle tone and obesity. His sessions with Jason are critical for his health and well-being. During the pandemic, Jason and his team did a phenomenal job working with us virtually to keep up his fitness regimen. Our sessions were highly productive and tailored to my son's abilities, interests and mood. And they were also fun!  Jason is knowledgeable and extremely patient. He also genuinely cares about my son's progress and development. My son struggles with a lot activities that come easily to a lot of other kids, and that impacts his self-esteem.  But in working with Jason, he gains confidence. 

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Our son thoroughly enjoys his virtual sessions with Jason and looks forward to them every week. Jason is very aware of our son's capabilities and adjusts accordingly. We appreciate this because it provides our son with the right balance of exercises that he can achieve with some degree of challenge to keep him focused. Lastly, it is very evident to us that Jason is genuinely invested in our son's development and success. We are very grateful for the care he provides to our son.


Ethan has been working with Jason remotely since the start of the pandemic. We used to do in-person classes and were concerned he was sitting around too much and losing any progress he had been making. Having the classes via Zoom has worked out very well. Jason is able to get our son active using items we have in the house. He gets him moving.  Ethan looks forward to seeing Jason and for their sessions together.




Fit4Fun has been an amazing positive experience for our son. Siddh has been seeing Jason for a year and half now. We started with focus on improving core and upper body strength and have moved on to more agility and balance workouts. Siddh enjoys working out with Jason because he makes it fun and interactive. Jason is an excellent trainer, who pushes Siddh to be his best! Siddh feels confident and has a sense of pride when he has achieved something that he has been  working on. I highly recommend Jason because it is gratifying to see the progress week after week and the bond he shares with Siddh. Fit4Fun is a great individualized program that adheres to the specific needs and challenges of each individual with just the right amount of motivation! Jason has been able to continue working with Siddh virtually as effectively as in person. It has become more important to exercise and continue working on skills now more than before in the Covid scenario. We’re glad Fit4Fun has given that platform to Siddh and we hope Jason continues to spread his love and passion for this program. 

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