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Ask About Swim Lessons


Fit4Fun, LLC provides fitness in a safe and fun environment for children and adults of all abilities.  We specialize in working with individuals with Autism, Asperger's, ADD/ADHD, MS, CP, Sensory Processing and Down Syndrome.  We recognize that personal training and exercise should be customized and structured based on an individual's specific needs.


Fit4Fun recognizes that personal training and exercise should be individualized like other therapeutic modalities.  We take an extensive history and conduct a detailed initial assessment to determine the best way to customize your child’s program.  We want both the parents and children to feel safe and comfortable.  Each session will be both educational and fun. Your child will experience all the benefits of a customized program where he/she can become fit and realize their greatest potential.


Fit4Fun offers personal fitness training at your home or online.  We provide one-on-one personal training and specialized group classes for adults and children of all ages and abilities.  We challenge our clients and incorporate many diverse activities to build and improve gross and fine motor skills.

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